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Roberta DeMuro has written, produced and performed a variety of truly unique, one-woman musical shows, which have become popular with audiences across the country. 


We’re certain that one or more of the following shows, which run between 75-90 minutes (depending on audience participation), will be perfect for your private party, special event, cruise, condo gathering or and any other scenario in which you are in need of a very special musical performance for your group affair. Please see the shows and the descriptions below to determine which will be most suited to your unique needs.

This is a show which takes the audience on a journey to our collective musical past. Roberta uses her unique story telling ability, combined with her unparalleled energy and wit at the piano to sing her way through the evolution of American music. In “The Roots of American Music”, Roberta brings our rich musical heritage to life, as she pays homage to all the major genres of our musical past…from Spirituals and Ragtime, to Gospel and The Blues and all the way through Broadway, The Big Band Era, Jazz, and, of course Rock and Roll! Audiences can’t help but reminisce and join in, as they are transplanted to an earlier time in this fabulous night of musical nostalgia. You can bring this great show to your audience by booking it now!

     Roots of American Music     
Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show
     “BAWDY BUT NICE”      
Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show

In this highly entertaining show, Roberta brings to life many of the 20th century’s most prolific women in music. Some sassy, some classy, some brassy, but each of them eminently talented and entertaining. Your audience will be amazed as Roberta summons the mood, the spirits and the sounds of such greats as Sophie Tucker, Mae West, Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. She will have the audience reminiscing, laughing, and singing along as she conjures the character and vitality of classic songs by Carly Simon, Bette Midler, Marilyn Monroe, Carole King and Tina Turner! Audiences will revel in Roberta’s inimitable presentation of the legendary ladies of this bygone era. Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend…and this show sure is a diamond! Go ahead and book it now!

Listen to a Few Tunes
from the Show

In this amazing stroll down Broadway’s memory lane, Roberta plays and sings the songs we all remember, from the most prolific, sometimes controversial, often record-breaking Broadway Shows. In this one-woman show, Roberta embodies the masters of the Broadway musical, from Gershwin, Cole Porter, Lerner and Lowe and Rogers and Hammerstein, to Marvin Hamlisch, Steven Sondheim and Andrew Loyd Weber. She takes the audience on a fantastical journey through Broadway, from its earliest beginnings through the Golden Age and into the current time. Roberta quizzes the audience on their Broadway trivia, while expertly reviving the classic songs of each era. She finishes the show with a bang, as she performs a handful of classic songs from the Jukebox Musicals of the 2000’s. Between performances of the quintessential songs from Broadway past and present, Roberta shares the inside stories of the intense competitions, the personal triumphs and failures, as well as the iconic collaborations of these, the greatest Broadway composers of our lifetimes. She expertly guides the audience by word and by song through the genre transitions, which have played out on Broadway stages over the past hundred years. Audiences can’t help themselves but to become part of the show, as Roberta’s warm and engaging style encourages their interaction and participation.Expect to sing along! You owe it to your audience to book this show right away!


     “TOP 25 SONGS OF THE 20th CENTURY”     
Listen to a Few
Tunes from
the Show

In this one-of-a-kind show, Roberta mixes her inimitable storytelling skills with her impressive musical skills as she traces the history of the top 20 songs of the 20th century. This song-list, compiled by artists, radio disc jockeys and music listeners, include the 25 songs they deemed to be of the greatest “significance” from 1901 – 2000. Roberta performs the songs, while engaging the audience, challenging them to identify when each song became popular and what personal, social or historical event / scenario inspired the writer to create it. Roberta is a natural on the stage and her energy, enthusiasm and wit, as well as her masterful engagement with audiences - draws them in and they quickly become her willing sidekicks. Do your audience a giant favor and book this show today!

In this highly popular show Roberta starts out by asking the audience “Where were you when rock began”? She then spins a musical tale as she takes each member of the audience on a whirlwind trip through Rock and Roll history. This show has everything a rock and roll fan could ask for. A front seat ticket through the evolution of popular music! Roberta travels back and through time as she performs the greatest hits by Elvis, Buddy Holly and Little Richard. She carries the audience with her as she embodies the musical transitions of the day from doo whop, to bebop and much more. Yes, we remember when rock was young and by golly it sure was so much fun!! Looking for this kind of fun? Book this show now!

In this show, Roberta takes her audience on a beautiful and sentimental journey, whose destination is the Golden Age of Broadway. Roberta’s revival of the greatest Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway tunes soon has the audience reminiscing, participating and singing along. Think “Carousel” and the unforgettable song “If I loved You”. How about “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’” from “Oklahoma”? A true classic! Remember “Some Enchanted Evening” from “South Pacific”? Of course you do and so do audiences, as they join in the chorus of this and so many more of the amazing, unforgettable and iconic Broadway songs produced by the musical collaboration of Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein. If you, like so many of us - loved the Golden Age of Broadway, don’t wait, book this show now!

     “BLUES IN THE NIGHT”     
Listen to a Few Tunes
from the Show
Listen to a Few Tunes
from the Show
Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show
Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show

Some were bold, some out-spoken, many were ahead of their time, but all were immensely talented and memorable. We recognize their names and we honor their accomplishments of the Jewish Women of Song. Mae West, Bette Midler, Sophie Tucker. They could make you laugh out loud. You couldn’t help but watch their every move and be transfixed to their every word. But, most of all, they compelled you to sing along! Think Carole King, who had 132 Top-100 songs in a span of thirty years, now with a hit show about her life on Broadway! We all knew the words of her songs and we all sang along, whether it was the radio, the record or a live performance. The contributions of Jewish Women in Song are truly immeasurable, as they composed and performed some of the most popular songs of our time. In this heartwarming one-woman show Roberta honors their contributions to our musical history, while encouraging the audience to reminisce and sing along. This music is guaranteed to make your audience feel great, as many of their most cherished songs are recreated by the exceptionally talented Roberta DeMuro. To bring this show to your audience, please book it today!

Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show

In this remarkable one-woman show, Roberta DeMuro brings to life the music of The Gershwins, Oscar Hammerstein, Sammy Kahn, Harold Arlen and so many more. These immensely talented, award-winning composers combined old world traditions with their boundless creativity and American freedom of expression. Together, they composed the soundtrack of an entire generation. Music that is still celebrated today, the world over. Roberta presents your audience with a wealth of rich, memorable music originally introduced to global audiences in movies, cabarets and of course, on stage. Give your audience a unique and special gift with this delightful musical extravaganza. Roberta will have the audience reminiscing and conjuring joyful memories from their past, while this incredible lineup of music and songs warm their hearts and souls. You can bring this exciting show to your audience by booking it today!

  “Great American Songbook”  
Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show

This sensational one-woman show is a musical tribute to most important and influential American popular songs from the early 20th century. Remember “Casablanca”? How about “As Time Goes By”? “Stardust”? Of course you do and so does your audience! These are the songs that have endured the test of time and endeared us to the people who brought them to us. In this show Roberta brings to life the Great American Songbook, comprised of the most beautiful, rich songs ever composed, with their meaningful and lasting lyrics. Songs that have never gone out of style. Songs that have been kept alive through the years by some of the greatest performers of our time, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble’. Your audience will be transfixed by the music of yesterday, which continues to lives on today and promises to be here long into the future. Roberta shares stories of the composers, explains how many of the songs came to be and posits as to why they remain an important part of our lives, today. The amazing thing about this music, besides the songs themselves – is how the memories come flooding back, the moment you hear them. You can bring this show to your audience by booking it here today.

Listen to a Few Tunes from the Show

It started as a dream and ultimately became the sound of a generation! Berry Gordy’s Motown Record Company launched countless careers and birthed some of the greatest songs in music history. In this captivating one-woman show, Roberta DeMuro will transport your audience back to 1957 Detroit, recreating the early hits that ushered in the incredible Motown era, continuing the musical journey through the timeless classics of the 60’s and 70’s. Audiences will marvel as Roberta performs the greatest hits of Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and The Jackson 5. They’ll remember the incredible dance steps made famous during Motown’s heyday. They’ll be compelled to sing back-up as Roberta pays homage to the singers, the bands and the hits, which created the “The Magic of Motown”! We loved them then….and we love them still. So, are you ready? Well, then “Stop! In the Name of Love” for “My Girl” because “I’ll Be There”!  Don’t’ wait, book this show today!

In this unique show, Roberta tightly wraps herself and her audience in the mood of the blues. Together, Roberta and her audience explore the origins of the sound that has remained virtually unchanged from its inception to modern day. She brings to life the beloved songs made famous by the titans of the Blues, including B.B. King, Ray Charles, Fats Waller, Louis Jordan, Bessie Smith and Etta James. Roberta expertly draws a visual picture for the audience, while performing the classic songs that marked the evolution of Blues over the years. Audiences will be enthralled as they learn the back-stories of the famous players in Blues history. They will get an understanding of why and in what ways the evolution of the genre impacted its devoted audiences over the years. This enchanting march through the history of the Blues will leave your audience fully satiated and still singing as they walk out the door. Go ahead and book this show now!

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